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Allis Grasping Forceps 3 mm


Product description:-


  • Orion laparoscopic Allis grasping forceps are featured with a pair of large opening jaws in hollow shape.


  • The monotype stainless steel material ensures superior electrocautery energy transfer from standard energy source to the tip of the grasper, providing superior grasping forces and outstanding electrocautery performance.


  • The Allis grasping forceps have a large, smooth rotating wheel and excellent insulation along the shaft.


  • The additional layer of insulation on the electrosurgery connection offers enhanced electrosurgical safety for the operator.


  • All Orion laparoscopic graspers are designed with an integrated ratchet on/off mechanism to easily switch on or off the instrument ratchet to either hold or release the target tissue from the grasping tips.


  • Orion laparoscopic Allis grasper forcep is your trusted tool for laparoscopic grasping. 


Features & Benefits

  • Monotype materials provides outstanding electrocautery performance

  • High quality medical grade stainless steel material ensures superior grasping forces

  • Additional insulation layer with advanced material, improved electrosurgical safety

  • Colour coded design, with enhanced instrument identification in the operating theatre

  • Intuitive ratchet on/off mechanism, offers greater flexibility in tissue manipulations

Allis Grasping Forceps 3 mm

SKU: OR060
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