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Bipolar Tur System

HA300B Electrosurgical &  Bipolar TuR Unit

Real-time Monitoring and instance Response System For Tissue Density

The intuitive design and user-friendly set-up of the Orion Electrosurgical & Bipolar TUR System for us in the modern operating room, it features both monopolar and bipolar functions to satisfy all the surgeries demands with safety, flexibility, reliability and convenience.


  • Advance Tissue Sense System : Dual micro processor based Control System delivers precise power for consistent cutting & coagulation through all types of tissues.


  • Randomized SPRAY Coagulation Homogeneous, superficial, faster Coagulation over larger area.


  • Self DiagnosisEnsure the ESU with accessories are safe for functioning .


  • Bipolar CutMacro mode can be used for bipolar cutting with hooks and other cutting devices. 


  • UpgradabilityArgon Beam Coagulation,  Smoke Evacuator, Suction Irrigation module.

  • Internet Enabled (Optional) : Remote programmable / calibration

  • Data Logging (Optional) : Last  60 surgical cases data stored in system memory


  • User Programmable : 99 Surgical Programs Memory feature.


  • PEMPatient Return Electrode Monitoring gives an Alarm providing safety against the Return Electrode site burns.


  • Auto Bipolar ModeAuto stop of Bipolar modes with alarm.


  • Pulse / Endo Cut  : Tissue feedback Pulse Interval controlled Pulse Cut for Polypectomy & Papillotomy.


  • Soft / Desiccate CoagulationFaster cutting with coagulation for thicker tissues & soft coagulation. 


  • Simultaneous Coagulation (Optional) : Two Simultaneous coagulation output at a time with independent control.

  • Saline ResectionBipolar Saline Plasma Coag mode.

  • Saline Safety Alarm (Optional)Electrode Disconnection / Non Saline activation Alarm.

Electrosurgical unit Application:

  • Gynaecology 

  • Urology

  • Laparoscopic Surgery

  • Endoscopy (ECRP)

  • Oncosurgery 

  • Cardiac Surgery

  • NeuroSurgery

  • Spine


Saline Bipolar TUR Application:

  • Bipolar TURP

  • TCRE

  • Hysteroscopy

  • Arthroscopy


Electrosurgical & Bipolar TuR Unit

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