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BI-CLAMP / Vessel Sealing Clamp with Cable Cord


Product Description:-

BI-CLAMP / Vessel Sealing Clamp with Cable Cord is used for surgical applications.


Our Vessel Sealing Clamp is made with special surgical steel & coating for long life.


This BI-CLAMP / vessel sealing clamp is designed to provide the correct electrical waveforms to deliver to the site of surgery in order to coagulate blood vessels and to cut tissues smoothly.


Surgeons may use the BI-CLAMP / vessel sealing clamp instead of, or in conjunction with, a conventional scalpel.


BI-CLAMP / vessel sealing clamp provides unique combination of pressure and energy to create vessel fussion, leaving no foreign material behind. And no sticking and charring.


BI-CLAMP / vessel sealing clamp replaces almost all other hemostatic tools because it actually fuses vessel walls to create a permanent seal.





  1. Sigmoidectomy  
  2. Gastrectomy  
  3. Fundoplication  
  4. Adrenalectomy
  5. Colectomy  
  6. Liver surgery  
  7. Adhesiolysis  
  8. Splenectomy
  9. Appendectomy
  10. Adipositas surgery



  1. Hysterectomy (TLH, LAX, LAVH)  
  2. Wertheim operation
  3. Oophorectomy



  1. Prostatectomy
  2. Cystectomy
  3. Nephrectomy

BI-CLAMP / Vessel Sealing Clamp with Cable Cord

SKU: OR065
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